TASKEK CA luciayshadow said Anonymous said rocketmermaid said Your Bowsette comic is the cutest thing about her that I have read Trans lesbian Bowsette is amazing and beautiful and cute and your comic thing you did about it was amazing!! Thank you for your portrayal of Bowsette as a beefy trans lesbian As a beefy trans girl myself the blonde tiddy anime princess portrayal of Bowsette made me feel left out in the cold and I love seeing women like myself portrayed as gorgeous and worthwhile You also draw my favorite versions of Jasper with whom I also share a deep affinity Keep up the good work! <3 logicalman6 said Anonymous said Just wanted to say Thank You For Your Bowsette she's beautiful and I hope we see her again and maybe her hanging with Jasper Thank You For Your Time can you draw more bowsette pleasel? And Your Art goldenevil91 said Yeeeeeess more trans lesbian Bowsettel She and Peach are my new otp! umbretoaster said Anonymous said YES YES YESI WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE Bowsette has little chain chomp earrings I love them that's so cutell I lov her Anonymous said like the way you draw the b e ef dawn0star said docsyonide said hey hey your bowsette comic and design gives me life and im going to be Sorry to trouble you with another message I'm sure you're getting tired of me thinking abt it all day i think at least Anonymous said posting I just have to say I went and looked up what this whole Bowsette thing was and yours was my favourite all the others are just peach in Goth but you Hot take vour rendition of bowsette is the only valid one in all of existence 0 actually showed a design that could be extrapolated from who she was to who irpandaking said she is now It's wonderful Though admittedly Im biased a little as she's big and I always love your big women^_ Can't wait for your next workl Take carel That's was hecking cute! Anonymous said Anonymous said Hey no offense but I would die for your trans lesbian Bowsette she so good and I loved your Bowsette comic I wish there was more wholesome content for this trend but everywhere I look it is pom lovely jasker AAAAHH WOW!!! LOOK AT ALL THESE WONDERFUL ASKS oh my gosh you guys! i honestly wasnt expecting such a huge response but im SO happy this is making so many other people happy!! šŸ’•šŸ’—šŸ’– i love these girlfriends so much *m* Meme

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