Tavfik Bakro 3 weeks ago You don't control your life there are people who are actually controlling us they manage to control everyone's future to put limits to your thinking and force you to obey the rules by attending school made by them and force you to find work for money Even your ideology or the way you think about others has been passed to you through your parents same goes to them relegion thoughts about othersracism feeling shy to not express your self and do the right thing or being scared Let me tell you this your parents are wrong they have never been right and because of their generation they have failed they obeyed those bad people that's why we have war in many places around the world and many poor homeless people it's time to unite and start thinking right about what we actually want and not to be scared from doing what's right and start changing our way of thinking about other poor people or race or relegion because we are one I wrote this and i know your not going to listen but trust me the war and destruction will come to your place as long as those bad ppl controlling us and washing our brain from the day we was born without us knowing who they are I ask u to start thinking right for the future of humanity Show less REPLY This is so true says a lot about our society Meme

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