tayaart A i was a church organist B i made cereals w beer instead of milk C i can hold my breath for 40 seconds Which one is a lie tayaart First one to answer right gets a free shitty drawing tayaart antifamutantdown The breathe one is the lie @antifamutantdown what do u want me to draw shittily antifamutantdown This is too much power but I'll go with a Pikachu trying to murder Winnie the Pooh and thank you tayaart FUCK tayaart I don't believe in god Really I don't believe in much anything at all moral is nothing but a sham packaged in narcissistic sentimentality but not me i am a realist am void i am trigger i take nothing from this work not pleasure not even pride justification is a luxury i do not partake in just another face just another name just another day i don't believe in god but i do pray with every trigger that i pull not becauseisympathize I rid fof that illness long ago i believe however in hell that's the thing so i pray may you rest in peace motherfucker hurmostimecom Pikachu professional assassin sent on a job to kill Winnie the Pooh Meme

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