taylortut peter retaliating against baby monitor protocol by changing the names of Tony's Iron Man protocols hey FRIDAY zoom in on that building over there Old Man Bifocals protocol activated Boss what the fuck did you just say to me taylortut FRIDAY alert the team that my thrusters are down and i can't fly sure thing activating l've Fallen and I Can't Get Up Protocol PETER WE TALKED ABOUT THIS รร spider-man-stan Tony FRIDAY open these encrypted files we don't have a lot of time- FRIDAY activating the Fr E Sh A Voca Do protocol Tony sobbing PETER WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK DOES THIS MEAN taylortut AMAZING bluesocksandfluff -Peter gets hurt in a battle- FRIDAY Bone Hurting Juice Protocol has been activated - Mr Parker is in distress Tony-stops- He's what? The what? Peter -over the com- Oof ouch my bones indigowallbreaker Tony FRIDAY! Engage autopilot! FRIDAY Activating Jesus Take The Wheel protocol Tony Really Pete? arachnabov how dare all of u forget the most important one FRIDAY saying 'yeet whenever he fires his repulsors Source taylortut Gen Z Peter is an absolute goldmine Meme

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