Tbn honthwith you guys my mental health has been seriously declining lately My knowledge is turning into contempt for society and most people Sometimes I miss the blissful ignorance and wish I could unlearn all of these harsh realities I think the fact that I'm in col rege and finally Becomrn ga an adult is exacerbatingi formulate Tife goals when Nihilisnhas begun to these feeLings Its harc for me tO COntinue tO I' m distracted by our robable bleak future Do any o YOo ave any tips? 14 h I'm so despondent about everything Everything I try goes totally wrong There's no escape from this hole here I feel drained So far I still haven't found a real purpose in life Sometimes I'm afraid to get out of bed in the morning There's nothing to get up for Joseph Goebbels 1924 @rice ruffian Send message Nihilism has begun to consume me Followed by a quote from Joseph Goebbels Meme

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