'Td say so' I said 'Penlan's a good soldier She and Lustig should be able to pick a new ASL for themselves without any interference from us Penlan?' Kasteen looked thoughtful for a moment 'Isn't she the one they call Jinxie?' 'Yes I nodded 'But she's not neady as accident prone as she's supposed to be I'll grant you she fell down an ambull tunnel once and there was that incident with the frag grenade and the latrine trench but things tend to work out for her The orks on Kastafore were as surprised as she was when the floor in the factory collapsed and we'd have walked right into that hrud ambush on Skweki if she hadn't triggered the mine by chucking an empty food tin away' I trailed off finally listening to what saying 'You know how troopers tend to exaggerate these things' I finished lamely was The luckiest member of the Valhallan 597th Meme

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