teaboot I understand why people dislike leather and animal products But leather is such a good resource? Like My mom bought a sturdy leather coat in 1989 I'm in my 20's and I now wear that coat That's a 30 year old coat? 30 years two generations one coat Versus like A plastic one that rips and gets thrown out or releases bits into the ecosystem every time it's washed takes a billion years to decompose lasts maybe a decade if you're super duper careful and uses oil products in it's construction Like yeah leather is expensive and comes from a living animal and I'm not saying that you should go out and buy fifty fur and leather products for the he'll of it but like Maybe the compromise is worth it? One animal product valued and respected and worn down for generations versus like Six plastic products that will never ever go away? idk I could be wrong 800-dick-pics this is why im so fucking pissed white colonial fucks and white vegans get so enraged at indigenous people for using hidesleather and animal bones as if that shit breaks or rips like cheap polyester does Source teaboot 38737 notes leather Meme

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