Instagram, Monopoly, and Party: Teacher
 Tea Party December e, TT3)
 The Tea Act Gave the
 British East India Company
 Colonists dressed as
 nearly total
 of the
 threw 342
 market for tea. It also
 removed some, not all,
 taxes on tea.
 chests of tea overboard into
 Boston Harbor
 The Colonists expressed
 Meant to force someone to do something
 Let British soldiers live among colonists
 *Banned town meetings in Massachusetts
 *Closed Boston Harbor until colonists paid for ruined tea
 about the laws by call
 painful and un
 tntolers ble
 Ou'Re NViteblll
 I For? let Continental Congress
 I Who? 55 delegates
 İ Where? Philadelphia, PA
 ¡When? September 5,IT14
 |Why? List our grievances,
 RARRegretaOrly Georgia |
 Instagram your FAV
 On April 18, 1775
 Paul Revere &
 William Dawes rode
 to Lexington to warn
 that the British are
This was in my EOC packet for US history.

This was in my EOC packet for US history.