Teacher You have to make an innocent computer game! Me Hoselose from zach gage loselose is a game about choice and consequence and b what it means to sucoeed or fail You play the role of a space captain on a seemingly endless quest to dectroy aftacking aliens You receive one point for each alien you kil You have one life and if an allen touches you you ill esplode Tyou manage to kil al of the stera without dying you wil win th game Authough loselose is a video-game everything that happens whl while you play is rea Each aien is procedurally generated out of a Sie on your computer When you kill an alen the fie it was created from is destroyed On the other hand if you are kiled the applcation itat wil be di stroyed 0054 LoseLose is a video-game with real life consequences Each alien in the game is created based on a random file on the players computer If the player kills the alien the file it is based on is deleted If the players ship is destroyed the application itself is deleted Although touching aliens will cause the player to lose the game and killing aliens awards points the aliens will never actually fire at the player This calls into question the player's mission which is never explicitly stated only hinted at through classic game mechanics Is the player supposed to be an aggressor? Or merely an observer traversing through a dangerous land? Why do we assume that because we are given a weapon an awarded for using it that doing so is right? By way of exploring what it means to kill in a video-game LoseLose broaches bigger questions As technology grows our understanding of it diminishes yet at the same time it becomes increasingly important in our lives At what point does our virtual data become as important to us as physical possessions? If we have reached that point already what real objects do we value less than our data? What implications does trusting something so important to something we maderoviad menetichave? AH YES MY FAVOURITE FRIENDLY COMPUTER GAME Meme

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