Technology Purist Technology NeutralTechnology Rebel Must strictly be a general-purpose datastructure in software Must be related to computers Can be related to anything Technology Neutral Structure Purist Technology Rebel Structure Purist Hardline Traditionalists 2dc6a566 8B1cc496 la9ffTee Structure Purist Must be a distinct set of items linked item-to-item in a chain b070c4ec 41c3eldd E9561132 A linked list is a blockchain A git commit graph is a blockchain This physics problem is a blockchain Technology Purist Structure Neutral Technology Rebel Structure Neutral True Neutral when clicked Structure Neutral go to x y wait secs Must be a set of items linked to each other move 10 steps if on edge bounce A network is a blockchain A Scratch program is a blockchain A flowchart is a blockchain Technology Purist Structure Rebel Technology Neutral Structure Rebel Radical Blockchain Anarchy Structure Rebel to-do list - fix everything -become happy scatterfish@amy-xps > 1s bine 1ib@ boot lib640 dev lost+found run etc mnt home opt proc swapfile buy milk - feed cats - foo bar - solve the halting problem Can be anything linked in any way sbine usr A filesystem is a blockchain A text file is a blockchain A snake is a blockchain Meme

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