teenagers rteenagers useancogan2 8h C'mon Meme C'mon something Billionaires 120k 96% 119 95 5h AutoVmaton Ngl now i feel like my 10 means nothing JackyRedLegs 118 5h Dude It's 10 trees you planted That's insane J-Dot -72 3hedit 15m 14 no it's not edit I have donated 50$ from my own pocket money I receive 5 dollars per month from my mother and father I try to do what can I am abused at home by my older brother I starved myself for weeks to be able to donate this 50$ for team trees and Mr beast Ive been so low in life that I started digging through garbage cans outside of restaurants to be able to donate 50$ to the team trees organization almost feel like Charlie from Charlie and the chocolate factory The 10$ he donated is 5X less then the amount I donated that I worked for for months I was planning on spending that 50$ to buy myself some new shoes or socks but instead I made the sacrifice to donate to plant those 50 trees that will solve global warming which is a way bigger problem than the ones I'm facing I truly believe that 10$ is an insufficient amount to donate as 10 trees will not solve global warming I often steal as a result to my poverty by going through lockers without a lock at school and stealing shoes at Payless ShoeSource I cannot believe that by donating 50$ I will be planting 50 living breathing trees Trees with emotions feelings trees that will be grateful for their existance made possible by my 50 beautiful American dollars Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Meme

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