TELCEL 722 pm @ 73%■0 Notas Ale & Camila We meet at the party of another friend we were going to the same school together but we never talk the first conversation we had was by messenger i made comments about things totally rare she told me you're funny we started to talk a lot honestly i can't remember how we became so close She's my family my favorite person my secret diary literally she's always my date She means so much to me we are always together she told me one day my life is not complete if u don't know how was my day today For her i'm a better person we laugh cry fight but not matter what we are always together like peanut butter and jelly She's my date she's my best friend I love her so muchwe have 7 years of friendship and to tell you the truth is the best thing to happened in my life RT @TheFriendships “She’s my family my favorite person my secret diary” 👭 #HWBBFF httpstcourMDN8gkYW Meme

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