Tell Us WhyTellUsWhyCo 17h My nephew in Afghanistan sent this picture of himself My nephew said 'With all the people out there complaining about police soldiers and the war remember there are people out there not so comfortable fighting for our freedom Can they get an Amen with Likes and ReTweets? 889 t 7288 131K smart keithlaw @keithlaw 14h That's not your photo It's from 2009 was aseba taken by Gary Ramage and appeared in his book Afghanistan Australia's War published by @HarperCollins I doubt you have their permission to use it 227 29 20 Bob Ferguson @Scubadoobe 3h I've seen that photo but does it make it any less real? NO war my friend is quite real and a very big hardship to endure! It's not just a picture it's a tribute to our men and women that fight for this country giving you the right to down play what ever you like! mart keithlaw @keithlaw 3h Yes it does Those aren't even US soldiers aseba And you don't get to just reuse someone else's copyrighted photo without permission Dan @Sam74623172 Replying to @keithlaw @Scubadoobe and 2 others Did you ask the author of the book showing a baseball pitcher on the cover permission first! Smart rkeithlaw * @keithlaw aseba yes dumbass because i wrote that book catchymemesNO SURVIVORS Meme

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