TENTH Amendment Standing Armies are The bane of liberty Elbridge Gerry Aug 1789 Bane That which causes death or destroys life Elbridge Gerry was a member of the Massachusetts legislature and General Court 1772–73 served on a Committee of Correspondence was a member of the Massachusetts Provincial Congress 1774–75 and was a delegate to the Continental Congress in Philadelphia 1776–80 where he was an early advocate of independence He was also a member of Congress 1783–85 under the Articles of Confederation and a delegate to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia 1787 He was an outspoken opponent of ratification of the US Constitution fearing that it might give way to aristocratic or monarchical rule However he gave it his full support after its ratification helping to draft the Bill of Rights and serving as a representative in Congress for two terms 1789–93 Meme

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