TERF-MAN @terf_marn So today l'm dealing with the fact that basically everyone who works for me walked out because l won't say trans women are women This issue has nothing to do with my business on any level The walkout is based solely on my personal opinions which I don't express at work 921 AM 31 Jan 19 Twitter for iPhone 46 Retweets 160 Likes tl I XX Retweeted TERF-MAN @terf_man After 15 years my business is closed Nobody would work with me because I wouldn't say that cutting your dick off makes you a girl Remember I told you everyone walked out? I've been trying to recover but it's impossible 550 AM 23 Mar 19 Twitter for iPhone 66 Retweets 288 Likes non-newtoniangenderfluid lymmea It’s almost like having disgusting personal opinions means people don’t want to be around you and that no one is actually obligated to have anything to do with you if you’re offensive enough Meme

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