term used to represent the large number of particles in a sample r of particles present in a sample of matter can be determined from the mass of a sample llows us to compare amounts of different substances in a balanced chemical equation rrect formula for a compound based off of mass data is unit you will be able to demonstrate your understanding of the following w much of an element is in a compound percent and mass empirical formula and the molecular formula of a n percent composition or mass data ed equations in terms of moles representative s and volume at STP convert between two substances involved in a ds to both mass moles and volume ing reagent reactant from data as well as lab lecular formula of a WHAT IS A FAVORITE PLANT? CHx s reagent and calculate the amount left over when mplete nt of product produced based on limiting reagent ield and use it to identify possible sources of riments STOICHIOME-TREE revious units Meme

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