termanal-velocity fidefortitude the-teapot-constellation it's so cute when a really fat bumblebee comes and bops against the window and immediately bumbles away like oh deary me l am terribly sorry that wasn't where I should have been going oh what a silly sausage I am i love your take on the inner commentary of a bee because we all see these things differently i always imagined that if bees had a conscious inner commentary it was of a really really faint angry screaming the bee's just going 'FUCK FUCK FUCKIHIT A FUCKIN WINDOW SHIT FUCK I'M GONNA FUCK UP THIS FLOWER INSTEAD S HITIHIT ANOTHER WINDOWF UCK exce s small because it's a bee pt it's really really faint because it Thi s the kind af quality conen wan t se on my dashboard Source the-teapot-con 🐝🐝🐝 Meme

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