Text Obama's State of the Union Address PRES TRUMP JAN 27 2010 ank you very much madam speaker vice president members of Congress the first lady of the United States 0 9 Following is the transcript of President Obama's State of the Union address delivered Jan 27 201o as released by the White House APPLAUSE And my fellow Americans We meet tonight at moment of unlimited potential as we begin a new Congress I stand here ready to work with you to achieve historic breakthroughs for all Americans Millions of our fellow citizens are watching us gathered in this great chamber Madam Speaker Vice President Biden members of Congress distinguished guests and fellow Americans Our Constitution declares that from time to time the President shall give to hoping we will govern not as two parties but as Congress information about the state ofone nation our union For 220 years our leaders have fulfilled this duty They've done so during periods of prosperity and tranquility And they've done so in theTrump to the country as a whole rather than midst of war and depression at moments of great strife and great This type of unifying rhetoric directed from to his opponents or his supporters has be ANNOTATION TOPICS Obama’s “I” vs Trump’s “We” Meme

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