THANK YOU The Bridges Foundation Conwecting porople uith wwique cepabilities to ewpeymvent opportarwities wwwthebridgesfoundog Wo Recyele LOTHINO We Recycle TOWELS PURSES ORTAINS The Bridges Foundation Wishes To Thank You For Your Continued Support American Recyclers does not accept furniture and appliances Please do not place these items outside the box Violators will be prosecuted Punished with a fine of $200-$5000 and 30 days in jail THIS BOX S OPERATED BY THE FOR PROFIT ENTITY AMERICAN RECYCLERS ON BEHALF OF THE BRIDGES FOUNDATION DONATIONS ARE SOLD FOR PROFIT BY AMERICANRECYCLERS $1800orYEAR DONATED TO THE BRIDGES FOUNDATION AMERICAN RECYCLERS 7120 E 13th Street Tulsa OK 74112 800-700-5844 WE DO NOTACCEPT FURNITURE & APPLIANCES PLEASE DO NOT DUMP OUTSLDE THE DROP BOX STOP STOP PLEASE SHARE! If you see these pink American Recyclers drop off bins around your area PLEASE consider donating your old unwanted Textile items! They repurpose and recycle these items and produce things like pet beds road paving materials stuffing for car seats and lots more! Each location also benefits a different charity organization American Recyclers donates money to them each month in exchange for allowing them to park their bins on or near their property! *Keep your old textile items out of landfills *Reduce your carbon footprint *Help create new products made of recycled materials AND *Help support various charity organizations There is no reason not to! It's a WIN WIN WIN WIN So look for the pink bins bring your old CLOTHES SHOES COATS BELTS PURSESBACKPACKS LUGGAGE CURTAINS BEDDINGPILLOWS STUFFED ANIMALS TOWELS GARMENT BAGS SCRAPS OF CRAFT FABRICSAnything made of fabricstextiles leather stuffing etc And donate to make a difference! Meme

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