busket: sodaflower: sassy-gay-quote: timeywimeywlnchesters: this is the most depressing thing on this website He’s a pornstar now Uh, no. He didn’t become a pornstar. Steve Burns actually left because he didn’t want to make a career out of a Childrens TV host for the rest of his life. He wanted to pursue his musical career. There was also the factor that Steve was also starting to lose his hair and he didn’t want that to happen on a TV show…in an interview he stated he was starting to bald…and in the show he began to start wearing hats more and more until he finally retired from the show and let Joe take over. Steve never “died”, became a “Pornstar” or went to jail for drug possession…again, all rumors… He’s actually doing pretty okay, he’s been in a few things since that time, even a Youtube comedy series called The Professionals.Steve isn’t a Pornstar.This is how fucking rumors start. here’s a video of him talking about blues clues in 2011