THAT AWKWARD MOMENT WHEN 1 BERNIE SANDERS ADMITS HE IS A DEMOCRATIC SoCIALIST 2 NAZIS WERE DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISTS 3 AMERICA FOUGHT AN ENTIRE WORLD WAR TO STOP THE ADVANCE OF DEMOCRATIC SoCIALISTS SINCERELY SANE AMERICANS logmeindammit c-bassmeow LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA OMG OMG OMG I CANT conservatives are so desperate omg My favorite liberal rebuttals are when they have no rebuttal so they just post dumb gifs Like at least try If you are insinuating that I have to try hard to debunk a claim that a Jewish man is going to be the next hitler than you are the most cretinous cretin Ive come across on this website and Ive come across a lot The philosophical roots of democratic socialism is based on far more noble principles than hitlers national socialism which is different If conservatives are so stupid they associate anything that has the word socialism with Hitler than maybe you should back Bernie since he wants free public colleges and y’all clearly need more education The irony in this whole debacle is that Donald Trump on your side is actually more ideologically aligned with Hitler since it is not Bernie but Trump who like Hitler is blaming all of our economic and societal ills on latinos immigrants and muslims- using the same tactics as Hitler who also blamed certain minorities for Germany’s downfall and who like Trump wanted to make his country “great again” Furthermore you clearly don’t know anything about history or political science since Hitler’s party is considered a far right party Sanders and i hate how i have to spell this out for you is not far right Lastly I will conclude with a gif Meme

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