That face when she beautiful and you love her but she can't even make toast nunyabizni thank-you-based-bear the-darkest-of-souls playugly santeria im yealing shes under the covers i dont think shes the one who made the toast isn’t misogyny so fun How is this misogony though If you burn your toasts it’s because of misogyny there’s no other explanation Fuggin misogyny didn’t stop the toaster on time The patriarchy made her do it she’s an innocent flower I love how y’all think you’re fucking Sherlock Holmes pointing out she’s still under the covers as though she couldn’t have gotten back under the covers after making toast and brining it to bed and even if she didn’t and he is the one who made the toast who gives a fuck joking that this particular woman burned the toast is not misogyny shut the fuck up seriously Meme

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