THAT MOMENT WHEN YOU REALIZE The Thought THE GOVERNMENT IS MORE CONCERNED WITH NUCLEAR TESTS THAN NUCLEAR BEING CONDUCTED WASTE LEAKING IN NORTH KOREA IN WASHINGTON πŸ’­ Emergency Declared at WA Nuclear Waste Facility β€” Take Cover Orders Issued REPORT link to article in our bio The US Department of Energy has declared an emergency at the Hanford Washington nuclear waste storage site after a tunnel used to store contaminated materials caved in About 3000 workers have taken cover at the 200 East Area of the sprawling complex local media reported By 1030 am local time the β€œtake cover” orders have been expanded to the entire site which is about half the size of Rhode Island A portion of a tunnel near the plutonium-uranium extraction plant PUREX collapsed early Tuesday morning local time most likely from vibrations produced by nearby road work KING-TV reported Initial reports spoke of a 4-foot 12 meter hole which was later expanded to 20 feet 6 meters across The tunnel was used to store highly radioactive materials and equipment such as trains used to transport nuclear fuel rods - Continued - πŸ’­ Read the FULL Report link in bio http-thefreethoughtprojectcom-nuclear-waste-facility-hanford-wa- πŸ’­ Join Us @TheFreeThoughtProject πŸ’­ TheFreeThoughtProject πŸ’­ LIKE our Facebook page & Visit our website for more News and Information Link in Bio πŸ’­ wwwTheFreeThoughtProjectcom Meme

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