That PCOS Mom 7 mins Random wholesomeness for you It's been a rough couple days trying to keep my shit together in front of the kids so they aren't scared about Scott's heart attack I haven't cried because I didn't want them to know I was worried or scared and to be honest that act alone- hiding my fear- is exhausting But I lost it when after getting home from the hospital I find them in the playroom crayons scattered and every last pretend sword piled up next to them and overheard this 9yo I know we're not allowed to fight but I think mom will be okay if it's to help daddy 5yo okay who are we fighting? 9yo whoever is attacking daddy's heart They were mid coming up with their plan to defend daddy's heart awesomacious So my husband at 33 just had a sudden heart attack a few days ago I have been a mess and worried how to talk to my kids about it but they are amazing Kids are amazing I just had to share Meme

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