The 2016 Masquerade Ball giveaway! DRINNNU cat eek Play RiNKNG FOUNTAIN catil ********ANNOUNCING THE 2016 MASQUERADE BALL GIVEAWAY! PLEASE SHARE! Just in time for the HOLIDAYS! All of these awesome items are approved by me and Prince Pasha and we guarantee your kitty will love them! If you don't have a cat GASP! no worries we will ship your prizes as a gift or to your favorite rescue or shelter! Drawing will held at the conclusion of the Fundraiser on December 3 2016 Winner will be selected using randomorg All proceeds benefit our charities The Grannie Project and Fisher Valley Felines TICKETS ARE $1 EACH NO LIMIT! If you have already donated for your formal wear and masks for the Ball you are already entered however you are welcome to buy as many as you like! To purchase use this link httpswwwyoucaringcom2016MasqBall GRAND PRIZE Please check out the photos to see all the items! Red Paw Print Christmas Stocking Cat Charmer Wand Toy Extra Soft Fleece Blankie - LARGE 50 x 56 Pet Link Dragon Flyer Wand Toy MEOW Ceramic Bowl YEOWWW! Catnip Banana and Cigar Assorted Crinkle Balls Twinkle Ball Pet Links Tipsy Twinkle Kong Active Treat Dispenser Friskies Pull n Play Temptations Treats 3 oz Chicken Floavor Applaws Salmon Loin Toys R Us Catnip Mice Fish Shaped Corrugated Cat Scratcher Toys R Us Chase Track Toy Cat-it Senses 20 Digger Interactive Feeder Toy Jackson Galaxy Natural Toys Assortment Catnip MiceBalls Rattle Toy Twinkle Star Electronic Night time Toyy Assorted Catnip Feather Toys Smarty Cat Crinkle Tunnel collapses for easy storage Smart Cat Pick and Play Toy Box Jackson Galaxy Motor Mouse toy Kitty's Garden - OatsWheatRyeBarley Jingle Ball Toy Pioneer Pet Fung Shui Drinking Fountain Temptations Snacky Mouse Wobble Toy - Prince Pippin =^^= Meme

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