THE 9 HEALTH TIPS WE ACTUALLY WANT TO HEAR Leaving a tiny bit of rice in the delivery container is the quickest way to axpertect six pack! 2 Dabbing the arease on your pizza with a napkin lowersyour risk of heart diseasebye370% 3 Buving two vegetables from theOrganicSection1ncreases yous lifespan by one month every three days vou forget vou have them in the fridge 4 lf it's in a wrap it's fine 5 EVery minute of treadmill running burns between 200 500 an calories and double that if your our shirt is transparent atterwards College 6 Brown Rice heals your heart by the exact ame more multi unt it costs lied by the amount it tastes worseb Every night you don t eat dessert vou literally win the Nobe Prize 8 It you're pretty sure you once overheard that something was that som full of Good Fat just eating tons of that thing forever and never loo back 9 Eatina aný fruit ever makes vou immortal epicjohndoe Finally Tips We Actually Want To Hear Meme

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