The Activation of the Philosophers Stone Aged urine Therapy 8 hrs So I've heard some stories of healing with aged urine A study showed regrowth if limbs and I was born without my left forearm Does anyone have any insight? I would LOVE to hear your thoughts Thanks in advance 6 38 comments Like Comment I believe I read about stem cells in urine having an affect on things of this nature 1 Like Reply 8 hrs More How cool! I knew I needed this group for a reason Thank you so much ll have to keep looking then! 1 Like Reply More 8 hrs Hi friend! Have you aged urine before? Maybe age it as sure when crystals form but I've heard it's good to chew the crystals? long as possible in the sun? Not 2 8 hrs Like Reply More replied 13 replies I have not tried any UT I'm completely new at this and found this group through a friend! Like Reply 8 hrs More eplied 1 reply I joined because Im bipolar & was so I can stop taking my antipsychotics Any research done on this subject? wondering if this will help with the chemical imbalance 2 Like ReplyMore 8 hrs replied 7 replies I think you need urine from both parents agedsunbaked and have to soak the area where you are missing your limb stem cells will aid in growth 3 Like Reply 8 hrs More replied 3 replies I believe the Orin does have natural rege vOur spirit Once vO reach a state of enlichtenment and ligbt vou will transcend any properties if not for your limb then for slap some miracle grow on your missing limb Meme

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