THE AFTERLIFE Because youre so imagine a universe narcissis stigthat you cant withoutyou celticpyro ad-hominem-sappies theprisonindustrialcomplex religion-is-a-mental-illness You’re so special you should get to defy the natural processes of the universe that apply to everyone and everything else The religious “it would be nice to see my family again my departed friends all my loved ones and to know that there is a peaceful reward for my good deeds and suffering on this Earth brings me comfort in a world so lacking in -” New Atheist You fucking narcissistic piece of shit you absolute cunt I can’t believe you’d be so self-centered Go rot in a box go fertilize a tree dickhead It cost 0$ to let people believe in heaven I love how this is worded as if people who believe in an afterlife think they’re the only ones who get an afterlife and like everybody else doesn’t Atheists? Posting pretentious ignorant shit on my tumblr? It’s more likely than you think Meme

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