The Anxiety Chart' Made to Help Others Understand My Anxiety MIGHTY The Anxiety Level 0 Anxiety Level 5 Life is good Nothing to stress about I can handle anything life throws my way What the hell am I going to do? Imagine totalling your car messing up your big presentation at work or failing How average people start their day your final exams at school Anxiety Level 1 Just a little hiccup Nothing I can't handle Anxiety Level 6 This is all too much to handle! Akin to misplacing your sunglasses or the remote Easily resolved Imagine losing your job failing the big test AND totalling your car all in the same day Anxiety Level 7 Anxiety Level 2 Oh c'mon where the heck are they I can't take anymore This is NOT a good time! Similar to misplacing your keys whe Anxiety Level 3 Imagine having all of that happen then coming home to discover your basement flooded and your family pet died you're running late for work Anxiety Level 8 Where did that scratch come fromY Could anything else freakin go wrong?! Imagine finding a scratch or small ding on your new car Imagine adding to that your identity was stolen your bank account ciosed AND vour spouse left taking the kids Anxiety Level 4 Anxiety Level 9 Silently rocking back and forth Imagine not being able to take anything shutting down completely What am I going to tell them? annImagine being the cause of a scratch or ding on your parents ts' new carelse and just wrapping in a blanket and car Meme

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