the archetype quiz if you're a sucker for history and literat u re and if you are let's please cry about the song of achilles then hey! you found a somewhat decent and maybe not accurate quiz to tell you what kind of figure or role you would play as a recurrent symbol back in the day instructions once you choose your answer you can't go back if you wanted to change it so keep that in mind! make sure you choose what best fits you no matter how badly it may reflect on your personalityremember we're all pretentious assholes here given that all of us willingly decided to take this quiz i'm the worst of them all seeing that i made the test yikes results since there are millions of different archetypes i've decided to choose 6 possible outcomes! keep in mind that i'm not an expert and if you end up with something you didn't want then please don't get angry a lot of the questions are similar to the different pottermore quizzes since jk rowling is the queen of vague questions so if you recognize some stuff it's probably taken from one of her tests! have fun! you can find me on my tumblr here if you want by the way ok cool START librapapi gentlestrology astrologycity letaslestrnge this probably won’t get any notes since i’m such a tiny account but if you want to take this quiz you can find it here ! after pulling an all-nighter crying over tsoa i created this because i don’t think i’ve seen this type of personality test floating around before! hopefully it’s not too inaccurate since i’m not an expert on the subject this was inspired by the pottermore sorting quizzes here and the greek godly parent quiz here feel free to tag what you got if you finish it! mine is the realist if you don’t want to take the quiz but you still want to know the possible outcomes were the chosen one authentic brave bold intuitive natural passionate stubborn the realist practical understanding honest brutal logical creator intelligent sensible down-to-earth reasonable the doppelgänger manipulative self deprecating intelligent knowledgable ambiguous caring the master determined obsessive powerful charismatic confident rash challenging the defender loyal selfless guardian youthful honest unguarded courageous basically a gryffindor the warrior purposeful adaptable loyal agressive mindful decisive skillful isolated destroyer reblog with what you get and your sign!!the chosen one sag the chosen one aries huh i thought i’d get the doppelgänger but i got the defender… i’m a libra Meme

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