The Australian Grill 2961 State St Carlsbad CA 92008 760 514-9607 Categories Burgers American New Australian Neighborhood Carlsbad 422014 1 Crappy service staff & owner 2 Overpriced 3 No groupon + happy hour? WTF The staff was annoyed that we were using a groupon and wanted drinks from the happy hour menu At one point the owner rudely said So if it's not a deal you don't want it? She was also upset that groupon people spend the bare minimum But if th service wasn't so poor we probably would have spent much more on food and drink This restaurant has potential if they improve their service and prices Was this review? Useful Funny Cool Link to This Review Bookmark Send To A Friend Comment from Stefanie I of The Australian Grill 422014Hide Johnny You came in here and were greeted very politely and were frustrated that you could not get happy hour prices with your groupon Not only is this ve clearly written on the bottom of the groupon Not valid with any other offer but it is also on the bottom of EVERY groupon for every restaurant You seem to be seasoned coupon clippers so you are familiar with this You were so upset that you could not combine deals that you rudely decided to tip my waiter 18 cents You and Alexa Kliebenstein cowardly raced out of the restaurant and my waiter raced after you He gave you $6 out of his own pocket because he thought you were poor and you shamefully accepted it I cant believe you took his money! Shame on you! This is bad restaurant karma and horrible personal karma! Fellow restaurants and waiters beware of Alexa Kliebenstein and Johnny Please dont come back into my restaurant Oh yeah and you owe my waiter his $6 back plus a $5 tip Restaurant owner responds to a fake bad review Meme

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