The Bachelorette' Hannah BAlso Thought That Luke P Moment Was *Super* Uncomfortable MOST READ Leonardo DiCaprio's Dating Habits Are Grossing People Out And For Good Reason Game of Thrones' And Daenerys' White Savior Complex Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams I'm Tired of Pretending to Be Happy 5 Women on What It's Like to Be Raped bya Boyfriend Reconciling My Love of Drake With His Problematic History With Underage Girls It’s only two episodes in and Luke P is already one of the most hated contestants this season on The BacheloretteIt all started last episode when during the Mr Right pageant Luke decided to use his talent portion to profess that he was already “falling in love” with her It had been less than 48 hours since they’d met Barf!Fans and fellow contestants alike have already called out Luke for being a phony Demi Lovato even posted to IG stories that Hannah shouldn’t trust him! but seemingly Hannah was into it Well… not completelyContinue reading it here Meme

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