The beds had bed sheets form the previous user and were messy The bathroom had stains and it was unbearable If you want a SHITTY hostel go at it May 2016 Helpful Response from A asked for a discount before even arriving They had the appearance of being extremely wealthy with designer clothes and expensive haircuts They were issued fresh sheets immediately upon arrival I literally passed the clean sheets nto e's manicured finger nailed hands So his first assertion is a bold faced lie The bathrooms are common and a cleaning lady scrubs everything out Monday's and Thursdays It would be impossible for me to clean the bathroom following a use by every guest although that might seem totally logical to a person who has been living off their parents money their entire life In s original complaint and request for a refund he claimed that he was allergic to cats and needed a refund for this reason even though l saw him petting the cats immediately upon arrival and his brother had tickets for a rave at cervante's and repeatedly asked me if I could provide them with cocaine and ecstasy This is a service cannot provide and his brother brought 2 young men home from the rave with them and all 4 were extremely intoxicated and very loud after quite hours found and one of the men passed out in each others arms on the couch in the common area the next morning This is against the rules and his brother did not stay the second night I assume they stayed with the two boys they hooked up with It seems to me that was a little lord Fauntleroy seeking champagne on a beer budget These two spoiled brats exemplified what is wrong with people from Los Angeles and why people like this aren't welcome in Colorado hope these two princesses leave the attitudes in Malibu next time May 2016 AirBnB host burns guest after bad review Meme

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