The body can literally reject someone's energy Your anxiety will start acting up anytime bad energy disturbs your spirit Listen to your body I pay CLOSE attention to how my body feels now and take care of MYSELF instead of trying to gaslight myself out of what my brain and body are practically screaming at me when I am in the presence of a manipulator! As Lisa A Romano says “The body KNOWS!” 🔥🔥💪🏼🦄🔥🔥 We are SO POWERFUL! 💖 Do something kind for yourself whenever you feel that rush of adrenaline Breathe deeply Drink a glass of water Take a hot bath Go for a walk DANCE! Or otherwise release that adrenaline in a HEALTHY way so that the toxins don’t linger in the body Anyone who TRULY CARES about you would NEVER want you to feel anxious or terrible around them so don’t excuse people who don’t seem to “get it” Dr George K Simon really opened my eyes when he explained that people who are without conscience don’t have ENOUGH anxiety present to keep them from manipulating and abusing others so if someone doesn’t “GET” anxiety at all that’s a MASSIVE RED FLAG that they lack EMPATHY and a healthy CONSCIENCE! 😳 Our anxiety is a GIFT that lets us know when we are UNCOMFORTABLE with a person or situation Listen 😉 Watch for the #RedFlags and share this information to help us CHANGE THE WORLD! 🔥💪🏼🦄🌎💖🔥 #ptsd #warrior #anxiety #narcissisticabuse #recovery 🔥 XOXO ❤️ Helen Meme

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