The call Around 400am there was a call at a local fire station in Pensacola Florida When they heard an answer they heard the screams of many people and the sound of crackling fire The fireman yelled in astonishment for the person to tell them their location right away They heard not just one person using the phone but everyone they heard screaming before answering in unison 1242 Westbrooke apartment complex D The firefighters all rushed over and looked in astonishment as the apartment complex was completely unharmed Thoy took a precaution and evacuated everyone from the complex Grumpy and groggy the people living inside took their pets and children and waited outside The firefighters did a clean run-through of the apartment But before the chief firefighter was about to release the waiting owners an explosion on the lower part of the complex occurred Flames started appoaring rapidly in all of the windows and the apartment siowly began to turn to ash and cinders Upon further inspection they found a gas pipe had ruptured and was ignited by a water heaters flame The firefighters were shocked when they saw what occurred and remembered the call When they tried to contact the number again to thank the callerthey only recieved the following response Were sorry this number no longer exists perhaps you dialed a wrong numberplease hang up or try the number againand thank you for saving them Wholesome CreepyPasta Meme

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