THE CHAD AMISH THE VIRGIN GANGSTA living a simple life hates fancy things like electricity expects people to take him seriously with this hair all these gains from churning butter only has money on his mind BIBLE probably treated like a punk irl music video doesn't even make any sense sells quilts at discounted price sick ass beard nobody reaches for him parties like it's 1699 million times more humble than thou art doesn't even know if he's going to make it to 24 obviously doesn't churn butter all his homies agree he looks good in black doesn't even pay the phone bill has to threaten always turns the other cheek to all the ill done to him knowing they will burn in hell afterward was mad that someone to kill people doesn't fight always plays nice parodied his song but won't hesitate to go medieval on your hiney if necessarry scoring daily for the afterlife will definitely go to heaven featured in sonic live action trailer Fool Meme

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