The Chad Book Burning The Virgin Deplatform Only censor because of pressure Book burners miss the days before the Weimar Republic create a Reich even Burn books because they are genuinly disgusted by them Done in a few Done out in the middle of clicks no one sees it happen in broad daylight the city striked fear in Jews greater than the last in response from media and Completely eliminated their opposition in Germany needed the superpowers of the East and West to be formidable enemies Archives from the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft advertizers were burned for good set trannies back 70 years Banned content airtuch ir semele wisctenshen always gets reposted Only strengthens in opposition majority of users get pissed off at their actions Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei FLD Userbase f misses the old days of these websites before the censorship Mods are queers Meme

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