The Chad Bookchinite The Virgin Liberal Environmentalist vs recognizes that the domination of nature by humans is rooted in the domination of i only buy organic because it's much better is a member for the environment of an urban fetishizes wild nature humans by humans farming co-op believes in reformist Googled Murray Bookchin spouts unscientific arguments against GMOS and biotech environmental policies applies logic and reason in is a registered Democrat shares his harvests discourse with oppressed people buys into human nature dualism human societies can actually enrich biodiversity using technology cringy animal rights activism capitalism is inherently hierarchical and exploitative and therefore inherently anti-ecological thinks that green capitalism is a thing staunch advocate of NIMBYism believes in responsible use of biotechnologies democratic confederalism unironically thinks we are destroying the planet can you sign this petition? decentralization is key fights for revolutionary change on a local level recognizes the need for a post- scarcity ecological society understands the distinction between first and second nature save the polar bears! wants to use market- modern industrialism is simplifying ecosystems and the modern city is crushing the human spirit based strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions relies on emotional arguments no more GMOS lole I only buy organic Meme

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