THE CHAD CÆSAR Thinks he's hot shit because he beat virginsander the great a bunch of disorganized satrapies Fights every kind of enemy from Gauls to Germans to other Romans Never loses a battle because he's too Supresses democracy Sometimes withdraws but always outplays the enemy in the end Even though he is a patrician the afraid to put himself in real danger underclasses love him Has his army revolt on him can't even trust his own men Completely inconsequential conquests that have no lasting impact today Convinces an entire revolting legion to join him without pay using just his speech Extremely skilled both militarily and politically As soon as he dies his empire collapses Gets elected Pontifex Maximus in a landslide completely ignores all religious duties Unironically believes he is the son of Zeus Doesn't need a stupid suffix his name literally means emperor now Thinks cavalry can singlehandedly win battles maybe against peasants Dies at 50 after already consolidating power in the most Besieges a fort gets besieged then he wins a siege within a siege Dies of a fever lol famous death of all Western history HH the virgin greek vs THE CHAD ROMAN Meme

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