THE CHAD CONAGHER the virgin leon Wears his hardhat backwards doesn't give a fuck Arsenal includes a shotgun with functionally infinite ammo and a space-age laser rifle as well as an automated sentry turret Edgy emo haircut Only impressive weapon is a shitty rocket launcher Taunts his enemies and Rehearses cringey as fuck one-liners in his head makes up lines on the spot Cuts off his own hand for a robotic replacement has more health as a result Almost dies when in the radius of a single small explosion even with bulletproof vest Is unable to talk like a Down-to-earth and can relate to normal person Humiliates foes by bashing their heads in with a mighty wrench Melees people using a two inch long knife the working man despite having 11 hard science PHDS Comes to battle wielding a shotgun pistol his sentry gun and buys weapons from no one Only comes prepared with a single pistol must buy more from a salesman No cosmetics Can wear an enormous assortment of hats and cosmetics some of them perpetually on fire or shooting bolts of electricity The Virgin Leon vs the Chad Conagher Meme

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