THE CHAD ROCKO THE VIRGIN REN HOEK Threatens to kill people Threatens to do something not nice to people whenever they make him especially angry Is rude and ugly Is cute and sexy whenever they make him even mildly angry Comes from a show that Spoils Had a reboot that was a Has a reboot that is overrated as fuck and his sick mockery of nearly everything that his original show stood for actually captures his original show's spirit has aged like milk friends Abuses his friends to death Frequently starred in phenomenal episodes like Driving Mrs Wolfe Wacky Delly and Zanzibar even after Can't get a proper female love interest Consistently became worse and worse as Comes from a show that is one of western to save his life his show went on animation's most his show jumped the shark Was created by Hates everyone and nearly everything criminally under someone who is appreciated masterpieces and has aged like fine wine Loves everyone and nearly everything almost as much of Usually lives in a trailer home at best and a cow carcass an asshole as he is Attracts girls and even guys like a magnet at slightly below best seemingly in the middle of bum-fuck nowhere to boot Consistently lives in a beautiful Has a thicc bestie two-story house located in Is a selfish some of the nicest suburbs of greedy and depressed loner one of America's most colorful Was created by Acts ridiculously over- dramatic about literally every possible thing and fascinating cities one of the nicest people on Earth Gets a book that is larger than his entire body shoved directly into his brain by God himself and barely even flinches in the process Has an EXTRA-thicc bestie Is elaborately animated two of them ifwhen you count Filburt as one Is self-less to a fault and remains immensely optimistic even after everything that his life has him Is relatably written Virgin Ren Hoek VS Chad Rocko Rama Meme

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