The CHAD stolen valor The virgin actual troop Profits off of toxic nationalism and military worship practically cucking the entire US military boring-ass MOS like Humvee Tire Pressure Specialist' Says he's a HALO-Jump Weapons Coördinator has awesome stories to make it more convincing Conforms to dre beard regulations sscode and Fucked hundreds of officers wives Constantly cucked while on deployment Commits warcrimes to buy a V6 Camaro Not bound by regulations uses his creativity to create a bitchin' outfit Half of his personality comes from watching Generation Kill Still has to lie about his boring deployment Peak physical form never touched a backpack in his life Gets his entire personality from 'Under Siege' is basically Steven Seagal fuckin' haji's Imao right? Morally pure has never murdered a single child Doesn't overshare since his SEAL MARINE RECON missions were top secret Spends 6 months blacking out while jacking off in a Iraqi porta-potty wants to be thanked for his service because of it Body physically broken by age 31 Actually supports veterans by buying their medals off of eBay The virgin actual troop vs the CHAD stolen valor Meme

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