The character that you think has the smallest capacity to love turns out to be the character who loves the most That is the brilliance of Severus Snape severus peconfessionsItumblr THAT IS THE BRILLIANCE OF ALAN RICKMAN I remember this picture very well And it's not just because it got the 2nd highest number of likes on this page ever and it catapulted the fan base from 4000 to 9000 I can quite lucidly recall posting this late in the night and then getting up late in the afternoon in my hostel room in my college lounging about on the internet opening facebook and getting quite the shock of my life to see the post go viral I even have the screenshots of how the number of views and engagements formed an exponential curve and stayed there over a day and a halfall from a simple picture of a man with long greasy hair staring enigmatically into the distance There is not much justice that words can do to the brilliance of Alan Rickman and how he brought this remarkable character to life His portrayal of Severus Snape has been one of the constants of our childhood a persona to be puzzled by someone scary and unlikable yet utterly cool and poised in his own way growing in importance through the series and ultimately making the ultimate sacrifice- not once but twice Mark my words fellow fans Severus Snape would not be nearly as magical or as rich deep and haunting a character had it not been for this brilliant man who left this mortal world We are indeed blessed and deeply indebted to have had the opportunity to be enchanted by him in our favourite movies and playsPerhaps the Gods thought it was about time he performed for themHowever he leaves a world that is much the poorer for his absence yet much the richer for having had the privilege of watching this great man perform RIP Sir You shall be missed And you shall live on in our hearts Always Meme

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