The Commissioner of the Office of Child Support Enforcement Scott Lekan wrote this comment on the ACF website on March 22 2019 The goal of the child support program is to maximize child support collections in an effort to secure the financial well-being of the child Let's flood Scott Lekan with letters asking what he is going to do about the cases where the non-custodial parents work for cash only to evade wage garnishment We need Scott to talk with the Legislative Branch on the behalf of our children We need serious changes in child support collections for the harder cases that the Division of Child Support Enforcement CAN NOT COLLECT ON! Cases where parents refuse to follow court orders for child support need to be prioritized and have serious consequences based on their actions for dodging garnishment Over $117 BILLION dollars in back child support did not get that high in just one year by a handful of non-custodial parents IT'S TIME THAT THE CRISIS OF UNPAID CHILD SUPPORT IS PRIORITIZED We need change to secure the financial well-being for our children NOW! OCSE Attn Scott Lekan 330 C Street SW 5th Floor Washington DC 20201 Child Support You Owe It Pay It LA You Owe It Pay lt If we don't speak up NOW then our issues with collection of Child Support will never get resolved Get your letters in the mail Please share Meme

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