THE COOKBOOK THE OTHER WAVOCADO TOAS 1 Cack eggs into a small bowl Whip briskly with a whisk or a fork will do af you can whip it good tl light and luty there should be small bubbles forming on the surface 2 Asd a bit of sat and white pepper too before cooking 3 Toast-any kind will do We're partial to a warm toasted sourdough baguette as pictured Warnm e in the toaster to your desired doneness un cold bread is your thing 4 Add about a tablespoon of butter to a pan on low heat 5 The key is LOW and SLOW-keep the heat low and et the eggs siowly solidity taking on a natural rich and creamy consistency 6 Remove pan from heat and transfer your crea THE NUT BUTTON lovin eggs to the toast that youve always desired you've done it right the eggs should spread like butter or creamy ricotta on your toast Once you've placed your eggs on the toast sprin- ke with a pinch of Chopped Chives for garnish and color contrast if you're fancy 9 JAY CHANG 10 NUT RT @brandonbeyers10 I AM SO EXCITED TO COOK THIS httpstcoayXO4I8vLK Meme

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