THE CUIS COOKBOOK THE OTHER WAVOCADO TOAS whisk or a fork will do if you can whip it good l light and fulty there should be small bubbles forming on the surface 1 Crack eggs into a small bowl Whip briskly with a 2 Add a bit of sat and white pepper too before cooking 3 Toast- any kind will do We're partial to a warnm toasted sourdough baguette as pictured Warm he toster to your desired doneness unless cold bread is your thing 4 Add about a tablespoon of butter to a pan on low neat 5 The key is LOW and SLOw-keep the heat low and let the eggs slowly solidify taking on a natural rich and creamy consistency 6 Remove pan from heat and transfer your creamy THE NUT BUTTON lovin' eggs to the toast that you've always desired 7 If you've done it right the eggs should spread like butter or creamy ricotta on your toast Once you've placed your eggs on the toast sprin- kle with a pinch of Chopped Chives for garnish and color contrast if you're fancy JAY CHANG RT @RiaAlizadeh I'm in love with this cookbook httpstcomo8Jat4e9x Meme

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