THE DAIRY INDUSTRY WANTS TO MAKE IT ILLEGAL FOR PLANT BASED MILK LABELS TO USE THE WORD MILK COW'S MILK CASHEW MILK ALMOND MILK THEY SAY THEY WANT TRUTH IN ADVERTISING OKAY LETS DO THAT PLANTBASEDNEWSORG ORIGINAL SOURCE MILK HURTS PBN thebluehue22 dairyisntscary champawattigress agro-carnist sebbysheepie I fully agree with giving nut milks a new name Because they can be confused with dairy milk and for those of us with nut allergies it could be deadly over those that just have lactose intolerance and have a bad stomachache However making a label showing you killing a cow don’t make sense as dairy wouldn’t be giving milk if they where shot mind you if your trying to say that dairy is evil then you should also point out the issues with the nut milks as well A large poison symbol perhaps for those of us that it would kill Or the “may cause cancer” on the fortified ones Apparently when you shoot a calf in the head milk comes out instead of blood and brain matter Who knew? So should we also change the cashew milk bottles pic so that it better represents the atrocious conditions of the workers who have to shell each nut by hand? Maybe a cigarette box style image of their mangled blistered palms? Or just some text to let people know that these people mostly women are often paid as little as two pounds a day for their labour? Or are y’all just totally transparent about how little of a shit you give about people nowadays? MoSt cAsHewS sRe fEd tO liVesToCk dOnTcHa kNow vegans only care about animals not the horrible conditions HUMAN WORKERS ARE PUT THROUGH A lot of them are also really shit at caring about animals if we’re being honest Meme

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