God, Omg, and Tumblr: The Dark Ritual
 Let's see here, put V/2
 Deep in the dungeon of the tower Karahrtablespoon of Newt's Mlk..
 in the secret ibrary oj Dalaketh, Xander the
 Foul seeks the secrets to the darkest of arts.
 My god, What have I done?
 Crap, I only have a teaspoon
 measure. s 2 teaspoons
 V3 tablespoon, carry the
 At last, the Lost Tome of
 Golgoth the Dark.
 OK, 8 teaspoons?
 This conłains the ritual to summon forth the
 Demon Horde from the Realm of Darkness
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<blockquote><p>The Dark Ritual</p></blockquote>


The Dark Ritual