The Detective @DetectiveThe Don't talk to me about Diversity when i grew up in a time where everyone was seen as a fucking person 605 AM Dec 21 2017 cisnowflake allthingswittyandneko feminists-against-feminism allthingswittyandneko “B-but there were no black characters ANYWHERE before we started blackwashing white superheroes! Just like there were no women in any movies at all before Ghostbusters!” PATTY WAS BLACK? Right?! So was Elisa Maza in Gargoyles This is shit that nobody even NOTICED before because we were all JUST PEOPLE which I’ve been told is the kind of society we’re supposed to want But today god forbid you cast any character as… fucking ANYTHING really because someone will complain And yes most of the complaining IS coming from the side who hates seeing white characters in anything When I watched these shows I never once considered the race of the characters and that’s a good thing despite what progressives may have you believe Meme

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