The difference between a bad coach & a good one is the bad one tells you WHAT to do The good one tells you WHAT to do & WHY you're doing it! SQUAT UNIVERSITY What type of coach do YOU have? What type of coach do YOU want to be? It's a simple question that most don't really take the time to understand It all comes down to WHY Anyone can make an athlete tired & work so hard that they puke Puking does not make good training❌ Good coaches understand the WHY behind every single exercise they prescribe When there is a specific reason for everything you do it gives your training PURPOSE 🏋🏽 THIS IS HOW GREAT ATHLETES ARE BUILT This is how great athletes not only reach their potential but STAY THERE ✅ ________________________________ Squat University is the ultimate guide to realizing the strength to which the body is capable of The information within these pages are provided to empower you to become a master of your physical body Through these teachings you will find what is required in order to rid yourself of pain decrease risk for injury and improve your strength and athletic performance __________________________________ Squat SquatUniversity Powerlifting weightlifting crossfit training wod workout gym fit fitfam fitness fitspo oly olympicweightlifting hookgrip mobility USAW physicaltherapy lifting crossfitter motivation quote quotes instaquote motivationalquotes motivationmonday Meme

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